Looking for Web Designers to beta test new CMS

We are web designers and developers that have built static and dynamic websites and were looking for an easy way to roll out clean sites with built-in content management. Since there was nothing on the market that fit our needs, we developed a new system that allows web designers to build CMS-driven sites quickly and efficiently using standard, semantic HTML.

We are looking for web designers to beta test a new system for developing web sites. Our framework allows you to build a custom CMS into a website by simply using regular HTML. Instead of having to fight with the limitations of other systems such as WordPress or Joomla, our system gives you the same freedom as designing static HTML sites. There is also no need to learn a new language, you don't need to do any programming, scripting, or PHP.

Just a few of the features:

  • Define any text region as updatable
  • Update images without having to resize or crop before uploading
  • Create lists and allow users to add and remove items
  • Design placeholder pages and allow users to create and edit them
  • Content is managed on the site itself, no confusing backend control panel
  • Automatic handling of contact forms
  • Users can add new pages

Freelance, student, and amateur designers and developers are all welcome to participate. To qualify for testing, you must be familiar with, and comfortable reading, HTML tags. Preferably, you should be able to build sites that are not tables-based. Let us know what your preferred software is for editing HTML (Dreamweaver, Emacs, Notepad++, CoffeeCup, etc.).